Why am i so lazy and unmotivated? The cure

No will go through the factors concerning and leading to the question “Why am I so lazy and unmotivated?“. Lazy is just part of the equation. I will explain how it arises within you and how to overcome this ongoing procrastination mode. 

We will talk about self-destructive thought habits like “I have the time to do it at another time” which stands true untill it’s actually too late. 

Make yourself a favour and atleast read this article to the end. If you dont make small steps towards fixing your bad behaviours, you will live a disappointing life. Read on!

 As always I recommend you read the article while writing down key points. If you want it to stay in your mind you have to read it again at the very least once.  

Major causes of why am I so lazy 

The major cause of what we call lazy is security and comfort. 

Let that sink in. You have taught yourself to take it easy, you have stopped seeing the consequences behind your deeds because you have enough to survive.

Getting our basic needs met we lose desire to do anything valuable and beneficial in the long-term. Maybe I have a job that makes me enough income to lease myself a roof over my head and take care of my family or soulmate.

Basic survival requirements met -rinse and repeat says the brain. 

This is especially the case when you drink or take drugs. Because they satisfy you, make you feel you don`t need anything else. However there is more to life then this. 

Why am my so lazy and unmotivated you ask? Oh it’s because our brains are suited for such a lifestyle and they learn how to automate and exert less effort which can go on for… well your whole life. Consequently one day you become an adult and you suddenly realise you don’t have that much time and regret KICKS-IN. It’s all because we have animal instincts to make it until tomorrow without long-term concerns.

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 But as we evolve and develop longer and more meaningful lifes we will will inevitably search for more than our lazy pet. Moreover the pet doesn’t know it’s lazy, humans make out the term, give it meaning and then just blame everything on “lazy”. 

The problem is not lazy it’s because we’re satisfied. We don`t have long-term goals, we don`t plan further than today. As a result we lack ambition. 

 You have got all the basic needs met and you just relax and take it easy. Why does your cat or your dog seem lazy in comparison to a wildcat? Simply because you’re getting it fed and fat. we are lazy because we are taken care of like domestic humans on payroll. 
If you have to hunt for your dinner you wouldn’t be that calm.

The simplest methods to condition yourself


Tip number one leave yourself hungry for at least half a day. I’m serious you must do it today so you can feel the deprivation. After half a day larger quantities of growth hormone will start getting released in your body will start feeling the urge to do something. I challenge you don’t eat for at least half a day if you usually don’t eat that long do it for a whole day. If usually fast but if you’re reading this I doubt it good go for two days. Just don’t do it in a way that you’re not used to. Just don’t give me that be. S. “I feel irritated when I don’t eat“don’t be soft if you don’t have a medical condition there are people that do. I have a friend that gets irritated when She doesn’t eat – it pisses me off. Guess what this friend is very satisfied. Her parents are a very big part of the blame for when she gets her payroll at the end of the day and does not grind on her own stuff. But rather just watches some movie. Furthermore the problem is you don’t emphasise on the long-term goals rather on short-term gratification. It’s not because you’re lazy it’s because you’re satisfied. Satisfaction is a positive feeling but you mainly provoke action with negative feelings. It’s a pattern we see too often. I’ll give you an example with the social sociological and psychological study. A group of people in American university lead by Levantal. Create a campaign against the disease tetanus. The goals you know people have those things Of the experiment is to make people take a vaccine. What they found is that if you don’t provoke Fear in people the results are 0% that take a vaccine. Interestingly only 3% go make a vaccine if they’re given all the fearful facts without instructions of where when and how to take it. However the most interesting result is that people who are made aware of all the great risks with instructions about how to get help and vaccine at 30% more likely to go get help the greatest motive you can have is a negative emotion but that’s only the start you need to plan as well. That’s why people say get out of your comfort zone. It’s on the edge of comfort when you change your attitude. If you do your responsibilities as if they’re lethal you’d be doing the laundry with precision in great spirits. Consequently the big question is how do I make myself better. There are two sides to this it can either be caused by an internal factors are on external. In the book that it is overrated Geoff Calvin suggests that intrinsic Motivation is the longest and strongest affect on the person. It’s intuitive that external factors give you less of a kick for a shorter period. Your performance boost after reading an article can be pretty small compare to arriving at the conclusion based on your own evidence. This is why I push hard for illustrative examples because they can stick with you and if you do it long enough and often enough you can convert them to intrinsic values. Why am I so lazy and how to stop example For the longest of time I’ve had a dream to create a personal brand. Too many months and years have I postpone to my start, I emphasised on preparing and being ready

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