Goal Setting – The EASIEST guide to implement today!

This guide will give you the best illustrative and practical examples of goal setting that you can implement TODAY.

It will light your fire up and help you with the essentials you need to start out with, guaranteed to lead to achieving more.

 I will include knowledge of types of goal setting from already established entities, science backed research, carefully crafted strategies and PURE MOTIVATION PUMPING EXPERIENCE.

These are the most practical principles that will lead You to achieving what you dream for. They are very simple and carry great power inside. No man can make a mistake by following them.

The three pillars of goal setting

Decision to initiate

Continued effort

Concentration and vigor

    1. If there is one thing you need to do it`s start. Don`t leave it for tomorrow it is a grave mistake. New Year resolutions can lead to a lot of disappointment. Clear your mind of all thought flows, future unknown possibilities and past emotions that plug your consciousness. And then…. go do the thing that you know you had to do long ago.

                        Don`t stop there.

The next day give some more effort toward it. Don`t be afraid or just damn lazy about the whole picture, tell yourself you will give it a few minutes a day. So you can break the initial resistance that usually builds up. Once you`ve done it long enough, it really becomes a habit and you will feel bad if you don`t do it.

Most importantly: focus when you sit down and do it. Get rid of distractions. Don`t multitask and turn off your social media. Give it your full and undivided attention, like you would to your newborn baby and guess what you will say before long…


If you`re ready for a challenge, set aside 5 minutes not more and let`s grow together!

If you want to achieve a science award, learn how to eat ice-cream without getting it all over your ears, become an athlete, or simply run for POTUS (president of the United States), STICK-WITH-IT and stick with me for some goal setting motivation.

(Taking some notes with a pen and paper is highly recommended, because writing down as we will discuss is essential to your plans)

Goal setting- short and long term

Quotes are the perfect motivation factor with great knowledge compressed into a small mindful thought, especially goal setting quotes.

 If your short-term goals are too high, you may give up too soon. If your long-term goals are too low, they may not give you enough enthusiasm to drive you over the bumps in the road along the way.

Darren LaCroix


In goal setting theory there are usually short-term and long-term goals. Making this post I found some resources on the internet and I wasn`t really pleased with the results, so I covered them in an article here for long-term.

I wrote about a technique that I use for achieving long-term goals. It is a collaboration of the ideas from several knowledgeable sources that I have found through the years. You will see results if you implement it correctly.

Short-term goals – the key to personal goal setting

Let`s say life is a staircase, short-term goal is each stair in between the floors. In order to go up one stair you need to step, with both feet, firmly on top of it. Literally how hard is it to make one step? Putting aside physical endurance, about 80% is mental effort.

Just starting to go up is the single most important thing. Firstly you will think it over. Which is good, a form of preparation, but the border between it and procrastination that evolves into inaction is slim. That’s why starting with a small daily plan and acting on it, is by far the easiest approach that you can trick your brain into making.

Reading this article till’ the end can be the start of your daily goal!

It`s crucial to understand that you can go as small as you want, no rush. We are often overwhelmed by the idea that we have to spend the whole day or every second of your life so that we can achieve something. Trust me that’s not the case, but needless to say results vary with output effort. Generally the more you give the more you receive. Above all focus on the important stuff and develop a sense of what is and what isn`t.


    1.The snowballing effect: give yourself 30 minutes today.

Those snowballs that we`ve seen in animations rolling down the hill. How do they start out? As a pebble and as they roll they build up momentum and they build up a greater mass. Soon it`s a huge snowball that rams through objects with full force.

The pebble is your effort, you start very small (10 minutes today). As you keep going, the snowball is growing. It keeps getting easier to move forward you`re growing momentum and your idea itself. An object that we ram through is the mental wall that we build between us and our goals. A Forbes’s article, I like, goes over momentum and how it turns into a flow. 

   2. The walls, as well as limits, are man-made.

Often when making a rational choice Our brains would have decided what they`ll do long before we realize it. Meaning, for example, you make the choice to focus on a long-term career path, but before even starting out, you have subconsciously taken in account all possible bad outcomes and have built a wall that you won`t overcome.

This can turn into a postponing battle, convincing yourself that you will start tomorrow until you forget that you ever had a goal.

Fears in my case have included- intolerance by peers, unfitting in a social group, the image of me failing and everybody noticing. Like there is someone that isn`t looking at himself and has the time to look at you and mock you. If this is the case that`s a human being, who doesn`t deserve a space in your mental capacity and there are billions of those.

Accept fear and carefully observe: what is the thought process that TALKS YOU OUT OF moving on?


Recently I understood this simple yet hard to comprehend principle. After lots of long days trying to run away from myself, I started simply mindfully following up on thoughts running through my mind. They kind of run subconsciously but you start to get a brilliant, vivid view of them if you`re aware of this self-help trick.

There is a book that has recently become a favorite of mine. It`s tremendously helping me for these fear associated problems and generally, for so many irregularities in the way, I’m thinking. It was recommended to me by a boy from a volleyball team that was part of a beach event by Red Bull (a personal favorite brand of mine).

Overcoming my fear of social contact and embarrassment I (alone) went to sign up for the volleyball event at a beach a sport that I greatly suck at.

This led me to learning about the book that has helped me in life, it`s more of a spiritual focused read but nevertheless I recommend it- The power of Now – by Eckhart Tolle.


       3. Start with the foundations (the pebble) and continue the effort (the snowball)

One thing people don`t realize is that continued effort even in small doses for a longer period will drive to exceptional results.

What if I don`t do good at what I`m doing or I`m doing it ineffectively?

Well everybody works on a different level, some just do it better and in greater quantities because their incentives are high and they`re wired to it. That is something that they have built-up like the snowball and YOU can do it as well.

For a grown man to start chasing his dreams is a great test. Breaking down thought habits that have been building up for years is a challenge of WILL and CONTROL of mind flow.

Some are blessed to be well nurtured in a direction by their parents and superiors in their childhood. Others make a decision to start early when they`re just a pebble, which gives them the greatest advantage- the leverage of time. Which makes them the big rolling snowballs they`re today. Of course, that’s after immersing themselves in astonishing effort when they had the whole time in the world (childhood).


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There is tremendous power in just starting something. Don`t go in a chaotic disorder though, start with the foundations. Do you know why many people don`t do well at mathematics even if they start learning harder in upper grades?

 It`s because they missed the foundations of it and they try to compensate with advanced material as time goes by, but they are missing the basic knowledge that lets you go through the whole equation without making a mistake and you know one mistake can make the whole result wrong!

Don`t try to make a vehicle without wheels.
Don`t build a skyscraper without a strong base.

The other thing about mathematics is the lack of desire that can fuel hard-work, two important conditions, missing because people perceive mathematics as boring. When you have no desire to do something you will surely excel very slowly or not at all.


Goal Setting- DESIRE

Look into the nature of desire, and there is boundless light.
— Padmasambhava, Tibetan yogi

If you enjoy a task you will do more of it- as simple as it sounds- in due time it will no longer be a task. Your 10 minutes will soon become 20.

The fuel of your hard-work is DESIRE the emotion that we are so hard-connected to. It`s a driving force that makes you keep pushing on. For example why do we play games? There have been different psychological researches that point out to a few common driving factors:

Achieving more

Social interactions


But the nature of playing a game is enjoying yourself and getting free of responsibilities for a period. That’s why you need to have a natural desire for your goals. Expect positive vibes and surround your daily routine with them.

The psychological triggers of playing a game are a great motivation for goal setting as well.

If you DESIRE to achieve more, you have like-minded people around you and devote yourself wholly to it (through desire), you become an incoming train that won`t stop at anything. As we mentioned before the single most important thing is to keep going, whatever happens. These triggers will push you to want more and to take a lot of action!

 If you`re granted with enough time on this earth, life has no choice but to give back to you after your effort and countless tries. This is probability law in a simplified sense, old boring mathematics.


Get rid of the noise


We will finish with a kind of goal setting quote in order to make a strong point.

“Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them. If you are influenced by “opinions” when you reach DECISIONS, you will not succeed in any undertaking.“

A quote from Napoleon Hill whо is an author of some great reads that I recommend.

Often you will get a lot of controversial opinions from your family, friends, people who believe they know a lot. Don`t trust the subjective thought process of people that are conditioned by their school, family, culture, social groups and media. Personally I haven`t seen a truly objective person. You can always notice their internal emotions and prejudice that drive them.

Above all men are often driven by ego and a false sense of superiority.

You mustn`t care but we`re bound to it in most cases. So observe how it makes you feel but don`t be reactive.

Saying “I don`t care” is a rooted, defensive demonstration of caring. A person who truly doesn`t care accepts and keeps shut.


And carries on with his goal setting plans. Wannabe experts have a great understanding and compelling arguments about what you should and shouldn`t do. Certainly they can take their opinions and shove it up their nose.

This is my first article I`d love to know what you think about it, comment! The start of this motivation hub is a part of my personal goal setting plan.

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