What is a habit |Simple and Complex Definition with lots of Examples | TRIGGER

Let`s answer the question: What is a habit? Even more let`s talk about what is the psychological process behind habits. I will go over examples of habits and types of habits. We will cover how to form the good ones and how to drop the bad ones. By the end of this article you will […]

What is a short-term goal – detailed guide with examples

We will learn about short-term goals and how with little constant effort they drive to great results in a blink of an eye. You will see a lot of every day short-term goals examples as well as ambitious goals. We will understand why they`re of utter importance and how they can change your life through […]

What is a Long-term goal | AmBIOtious Technique

 We will learn about bold long term goals that are out of the ordinary “score a well-paid job” and “pay your mortgage”. Today we will go over a little known goal technique for goal setting which has been tenderly crafted with the knowledge of numerous sources from self-development authors to science research, which you can use to […]

Goal Setting – The EASIEST guide to implement today!

This guide will give you the best illustrative and practical examples of goal setting that you can implement TODAY. It will light your fire up and help you with the essentials you need to start out with, guaranteed to lead to achieving more.  I will include knowledge of types of goal setting from already established […]

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