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This brand is the manifestation of my dream which I`ve had for many years. Trigger is a word play from a nickname I have- “Tiger”. Everything started with a friend of mine with whom we shared a great deal of inspiration that has roots in our motivational discussions about the future. Trigger fits perfectly with the idea of the brand- to provoke the resting potential within you.

This is the place to get inspired and initiate what you have been holding within you. We`re all limited in a way by the people around us, traditions, culture, fear and indecisiveness. All of these can cause us to stop ourselves from chasing a dream; each separately can be enough to set mental boundaries on your mind which are worse than physical chains.

Trigger is something I created in order to overcome my fears. It`s an aspiration that makes me prove to myself that my words are NOT just empty blubber. I made it public in order to feel responsible for my words. This makes me push further even if when my situation doesn`t look promising…


What is your idea that will make you overcome insecurities?


I recently graduated with a degree in “Marketing and Leading”. My education has helped me to create a business plan with the key points that I need to focus on. I`m currently a co-owner of a digital marketing and business consulting agency which is growing at a very good pace compared to other local firms. I`ve had unsuccessful ventures prior to the firm which granted me with the much needed experience and know-how to screen out business ideas that are not worth it, because there are hundreds of those.

Starting from the bottom you truly need to try and see what is the best way to grow. Accumulating knowledge and skills while doing it- is key.  Consequently you gather all your recourses to create something truly unique and competitive among the big brands.

 That’s how with my long experience using what I learnt in marketing, I started this brand. This idea that started out as a simple dream grew with me. As I developed it did as well and the different aspects were evolving because I was constantly thinking about it and the ways to improve it.

Everything you start is a simple idea at first.

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